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   We believe that talent is the first capital, continuing to promote the employees and their families continue to add value in human capital is a source of corporate competitiveness, is the backbone of business growth. Now the company for the community to recruit the following personnel:


Job Description: through Alibaba, Global Sources, GOOGLE promotion of foreign trade platform to promote the company's PCB, PCB board is responsible for foreign trade business. Foreign trade and the collection of customer data collation.

Job Category: Business

Number: 2

Main responsibilities:

1, through the platform to promote our products;

2, until an independent inquiry to guide customers orders; (websites online customer service, customer service software platform, as well as e-mail)

3, and keep in touch with customers, track customer dynamics;

4, foreign trade and the collection of customer data collation.


1, college degree or above;

2, English reading and writing skills, needs, and foreigners for instant network sessions or telephone communication;

3, with the PCB industry, foreign trade companies or factories foreign trade sector work experience;

4, have an existing client resources priority.

Interested parties can directly resume in English can be cast to szxthkjzp@126.com

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